Auras are armatures with an elegant and prestigious design for outstanding street furniture. With innovative and harmonious forms, they fit elegantly into urban settings, historic centers and/or pedestrian areas. Available in different configurations to meet all possible customer needs.

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    LED Lantern for Urban Light

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    Urban Light, Street Lighting

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Technical features

Aura LED urban light.


Technical Specifications

Body: Made of die-cast aluminum with low copper content.
Painting: In epoxy powered resistant to UV rays and weathering.
Power supply: 110-270 Vac, efficiency 94%, PFC>0,95, IP65, class I or II +T.
Color temperature: 5000K (choice: 3000K, 4000K).
LED efficiency: 166lm/W.
Mounting AURA-Line: bracket or pole-top with adjustable arm in all directions, for poles or arms of 60mm.
Mounting AURA-Tes: bracket or pole-top with aluminium arms in furniture design, for poles with a diameter of 60mm.
Opening: from the bottom with stainless steel locking screw with anti-fall system.
Maintenance: maintenance operations in total operator safety due to the automatic line disconnect switch when the unit is opened.
Galss: Transparent tempered top 5 mm thick, resistant to impact and thermal shock.
Optics: Four models available and complies with current light pollution regulations and laws.
Silicone: silicone, perimeter to the optical compartment to ensure the excellent watertightness.
Screws and small parts: Stainless steel exterior, galvanized iron interior.
Reference standards: EN 60598-1, EN 62471, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 6100-3-3, UNI EN 10819, UNI11248, EN13201.
Guidelines: 2011/65/CE, 2006/95/CE, 2004/108/CE.

Photometrics available


The "AURA" LED urban light is available in the following models:

It uses the highest-performance LEDs on the market (the 30Watt version replaces SAP 100Watt) and is among the products to have the highest height-to-pole intedistance ratio.Pole-head urban light with aluminum arms for 60mm diameter poles.



Absorbed Power20W
ReplaceSAP70, JM70 and MBF80
Light intensity4112lm
Number of LED*12
Weight**8,30 Kg


Absorbed Power 30W
ReplaceSAP100,JM100 and MBF125
Light intensity5832lm
Number of LED*12
Weight**8,30 kg


Absorbed Power 40W
ReplaceJM150 and MBF250
Light intensity8224lm
Number of LED*24
Weight**9,20 Kg


Absorbed Power 60W
ReplaceSAP150 and JM250
Light intensity11664lm
Number of LED*24
Weight**9,30 Kg


Absorbed Power 75W
ReplaceSAP250 and JM400
Light intensity14910lm
Number of LED*36
Weight**9,30 Kg

*This value is subject to change without notice, so please ask for confirmation when ordering

**+/- 5%.



OpDARF1: Self dimming without the possibility of setting;
OpDAR2: Self dimming with time setting for activation time;
OpINLUX: Predisposition for remote light control PITECO;
OpRAYBOX: Surge protection 20KA mounted into the street light;
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