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in manufacturing and
supply of LED products

Street lighting
Urban light
Industrial lighting
Tunnels and highways

Led ceiling lights
Led spotlights
Sports lighting

EuLux is a leading Company in manufacturing and supply of a wide range of LED products for lighting, decoration and visual communication in general. These highly specialized products are developed and assembled in Italy at our headquarters.

Eulux SpA

and innovation.

The Company was founded in 2003 from the evolution of a company operating in the field of hardware and software design (Microsid) and has its headquartered in Montesarchio (BN), Italy. Thanks to a young and dynamic team, supported by a long-experienced management, is permanently establishing itself on the markets that are sensitive to innovation.

More than 50,000 customers are its reference. More than 400 products are its strength.
High quality, at a competitive price, is always its goal. Moreover, Eulux’s research & development management provides the necessary support to thedevelopment of special applications for the customer (also OEM productions).

Our process.

DINA technology

All EuLux products use DINA technology, which is a heat dissipation system based on natural ventilation. This results in operating temperatures not exceeding 60° in order to preserve all electronic parts as well as lengthen the average life of the LEDs (which are guaranteed 60.000h at 85°).

"Made in Italy" production

The EuLux has a fully Italian production process with high vertical integration: from foundry to final assembly.

Engineering department

Developing new products using the best LED technology to achieve full Customer satisfaction. EuLux, tenaciously pursuing this goal, has developed skills and technologies that today make it one of the leading companies in the field of Led lighting systems. The presence of a Team composed of technicians, engineers and testers, with proven experience and open to the stimuli coming from the market and research, allows EuLux to design and produce systems and components aimed at the constant improvement of the efficiency and durability of the products (The Research and Development division managed to design a driver with 94% efficiency).

Lighting advice department

EuLux lighting design service is a key support activity for all designers. Starting with your design data, our lighting engineers will identify the most suitable products for the required lighting function. The development of the offer will also be accompanied by relevant lighting calculations and product data sheets.