Astro Starry Sky

Astro Starry Sky is a vast and comprehensive modular LED kit that becomes a refined and popular piece of furniture.
Astro, based on LED technology, consists of several arrays of LEDs, which can be connected together to a LED Driver. The high light output and long life (100,000 hours) of the LEDs make Astro a unique concept for achieving to an extremely bright and totally maintenance-free starry sky.
In addition, the Astro allows you to create lighting backgrounds for special environments and atmosphere suitable for stores, classrooms, game rooms, hotels, casinos, cinemas, salons, boarding houses and so on.

  • Tipology

    Starry Sky

  • Category

    Commercial and tertiary, Led spotlights

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Technical features

Astro starry sky.

  • Very high durability (more than 15 years);
  • Quick and easy installation (Plug & Play system);
  • Excellent detail finishing (without the inconvenience and difficulties of fiber optics);
  • Possibility to customize the application;
  • Very low power consumption;
  • Freedom to create free and imaginative geometries;
  • Extremely bright points of light available in different colors;
  • Absence of heat and/or noise.

Kit available

CodePowerLight Points
ASTRO704 W70
ASTRO1408 W140

Or a customizable solution.

Colors Available

Red - Yellow - Green - Blue - Pink - Warm white and Cool white

Arrangement with the feeder

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