OpDAR2® is a new electronic dimmer designed for energy saving in street lighting.

  • Tipology

    Autonomous preset dimming with dimming down

  • Category

    Power Units & Accessories

Technical features

Autonomous preset dimming with dimming down.


OpDAR2® can be integrated into the ballast of all models of Eulux street fixtures upon request.

OpDAR2® allows for additional energy savings of LED street lights in nighttime hours when the same illuminating power is not needed as in the evening hours but still maintaining the same lighting uniformity.

Technical Specifications

The OpDAR2® is preset at the factory, at the Customer's request, to the desired dimmer level (in the example shown 50% of the initial flux). The number of hours after which the dimmer is activated is also preset (in the example above after 5.5 hours). Once preset, OpDAR2® cannot be changed by the customer.

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