Ligra Plus

Ligra Plus is the new series of LED lanterns for urban light designed to have high performance. The new Ligra Plus lantern gives the room a unique and classic, almost romantic atmosphere, making of this product true art installations.

  • Type

    LED Lantern for Urban Light

  • Category

    Urban Light, Street Lighting

Open Project
Technical features

Ligra Plus LED Urban Light Lantern.

Body:Made of die-cast aluminum.
Power supply:110-270Vac, efficiency 92%, PFC>0,98, IP66;
Color temperature:3000K (choice: 4000, 5000K)
Class and weight:I and II+T, 6,5 Kg
Painting:In epoxy powered resistant to UV rays and weathering
Mounting:On pole-top or suspension.
Optics:Asymmetric or rotosymmetric optics. Complies with all existing Light Pollution Laws and Regulations.
LED efficiency :185-202lm/W
Glass:Choice without glass or with 3mm thick clear Plexiglass resistant to impact and thermal shock.
ModelWLight intensityLED nr.*Weight**Can replace
LIGRA_PLUS30305806lm127.00kgJM150 e MBF250
LIGRA_PLUS606011664lm247.3kgSAP250 e JM400



OpDARF1: Self dimming without the possibility of setting;

OpDAR2: Self dimming with time setting for activation time;

OpINLUX: Predisposition for remote light control PITECO;

OpRAYBOX: Surge protection 20KA mountedinto the street light;

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