RGB driver

RGB driver

Electronic control systems, controlled by a microprocessor for the selection, adjustment and modulation of color in systems with RGB LED technology in order to create special lighting effects and entire light scenic designs.

Thanks to a simple and intuitive software, it is possible to modify the colors at any time, choose among the pre-set ones or create new ones.

The control units, are able to drive all the luminaires with RGB technology.

The basic functions of the remote control of the units are:

  • choice of one among 16 fixed colors;
  • alternation of 7 basic colors;
  • gradual change of the basic colors with different defined games;

It is possible to adjust both the brightness and the speed of evolution of the effects.

Furthermore, we also have the ‘’RGB_AMPLIO’’ control unit that allows the expansion of the RGB signals compatible with all our drivers.

Several models are available. For the complete list download the brochure in the downloads section.