‘’PITECO’’ Remote Control

‘’PITECO’’ Remote Control

Piteco is an innovative remote control for the management of public lighting in order to obtain a high energy savings without reducing the efficiency.

With a simple click you can drive and manage the municipal lighting.

With the PITECO remote control different types of services and technologies and a wide range of applications are grouped together. In order to better adapt the remote control to the Municipality’s needs we provide two solutions: BASIC and FULL CONTROL, customizable.


  • Enhanced safety and protection using the GSM / GPRS network;
  • Increased supplied services;
  • Can be installed simultaneously both on LEDs and on SAPs;
  • Easy to install (it adapts perfectly to the existing lines without any additional components);
  • Energy savings definable by the user (between 0% and 100%);
  • Continuous technical support;
  • Available powers from 1KVA to 30KVA;
  • Equipped with software for real-time management;
  • The best-value one in the market;
  • Customizable on request.

With the BASIC version of PITECO the remote control can manage remotely via software only the switching on and off of the lampposts and the dimming times on the lampposts (with scheduled times that can be set via software and can be sent via GSM network). While the FULL CONTROL version allows the full management of public lighting and of the services of communication to citizens. In fact, it allows the remote reading and modification of data (reading of power consumption, phase shifts,  faults detection, etc. ..) and gives the possibility to record measurements of variables on the system (user-defined) and consult them at any time.

Finally, the FULL CONTROL technology allows to manage also devices different from those related  only to lighting such as send information about variable -message news in the municipality.


PITEKO_PUK: It is the device to be inserted in each lamp to make the street light interfaceable with the control gateway

PITEKO_GATEWAY: This system consists of a CONTROL UNIT and a SERVER UNIT. The CONTROL UNIT is the control device to be installed on each line. It can manage up to 256 lighting points and allows communication between each lighting point and the central management system.
The SERVER UNIT manages data collection from the various control units and allows the user to read data and send signals for management.

PITEKO_CED: This is the management software that allows the user to monitor the state of the art network, send signals for the regulation and manage the installation of lighting points through geolocation.