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OpSAN (illuminating device for sanitization)

OpSAN (illuminating device for sanitization)

L’OpSAN is an option that when applied to standard EuLux products it is possible to light the environment normally but at the same time sanitize the space where it is applied without any visual alteration of light and without any risk for man.

With photocatalytic function, it can block the growth of bacteria, viruses, etc.. By the emission of certain light frequencies, it safely prevents outbreaks of infectious diseases by acting on certain molecules (porphyrins) that make microorganisms particularly sensitive to a certain type of light.


OpSAN performs its action through a patented technology that use an overlapping spectrum of visible spectra (NO-UV) in a range that has been shown to be destructive for bacteria and other microorganisms (mushrooms, spores, molds).
The emitted light is of natural white color and while it is harmful to the microorganisms, it does not cause harm to people or animals even in prolonged and continuous use. This is certified by the compliance of the product with the European Directive IEC 62471 RG 0.Normal daily cleaning practices are able to remove visible dirt, but they can not block the regrowth and bacterial proliferation.
OpSAN® is able to break down bacterial growth exponentially, allowing you to have a healthier and cleaner place to live.
In addition, the photocatalytic action of OpSAN®, which removes contaminants from the atmosphere, significantly reduces the amount of dirt deposited on the surfaces.


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