OpRAYBOX (Unloader surge for LED luminaires)

OpRAYBOX (Unloader surge for LED luminaires)

The RayBox® is unloader surge bipolar for indirect discharge with integrated line filter for high frequency transients.

It is installed in series with the load near the user to be protected under the Public Lighting.

The RayBox® is integrated, on demand, in a vain power supply of all models of street lighting Eulux, Projectors and Reflectors Industrial.

The RayBox® is a device for single-phase circuits.

  • Protects Electronics LED against surge and interference voltages;
  • Intervention to “trigger with limitation” in the input circuit;
  • Line filter and intervention to limit the output circuit;
  • In case of failure of the SPD, the load is disconnected from the mains;


VOP: operating voltage 130-277 VAC 50/60 Hz
UC: Maximum operating voltage 305 VAC
IL: Maximum load current 2,5 Ampere
IN: Maximum current discharge (15 pulse) 1,4 KA
IN: Maximum current discharge (1 pulse) 20 KA
UP: Level of protection 1,5 KV (L-FG, N-FG, L-N)
VPR: Range of protection 1,5 KV (L-FG, N-FG, L-N)