OpLUCO (electronic control system for self-regulation of LED lighting)

OpLUCO (electronic control system for self-regulation of LED lighting)

The LUCO is a new tool for the management and control of the light that allows you to vary the brightness of the projectors installed in the tunnels in order toreduce the glare to drivers of vehicles entering the tunnel.

The LUCO modulates the brightness of the lights installed in the tunnel by reducing the brightness at night and increasing it during the day. In this way, the contrast of light in the vicinity of holes is considerably reduced.

The LUCO is installed directly under. It has an input analog / digital coming from the light sensor / twilight and an output 0-10V PWM modulation of the luminous flux.

The LUCO is easy to install and extremely easy to use, while the light sensor can be installed in a convenient location to external light sources in order to have the best possible control. The user only needs to set the desired sensitivity on the console then the system will make an automatic adjustment of the light. For installation just connect the console to all bodies lamp via a two-core cable (each lamp body will be a threepole cable and power cable is a bipolar signal).

The LUCO is compatible with all light sources Eulux that they have an option of dimmers.