OpINLUX (brightness adjustment interface card)

OpINLUX (brightness adjustment interface card)

The OpINLUX® is a new electronic dimmer designed for modulation of the light output of LED lighting fixtures.

With the management systems of the light OpINLUX® of EuLux is possible to modulate the flux of an LED lighting device in three different ways by acting on a single terminal.

The OpINLUX® be integrated, on demand, in the feeder of all lighting products Eulux.

The OpINLUX® is an interface unit which is housed in a special slot in the power supply Eulux, thus equipping the luminaire dimming functions. These functions are available on a single cable additional output.

Technical specifications

Modulation PWM Amplitude 10V, frequency 100 Hz-3KHz
Modulation analogic 1-10V (1=10%; 10=100%)
Modulation through resistive load 10KΩ=10%, 100KΩ=100%