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OpDAR2 (autonomous dimmering preset with low brightness)

OpDAR2 (autonomous dimmering preset with low brightness)

The OpDar2® is a new electronic dimmer designed for energy saving in the field of street lighting.

The OpDar2® be integrated, on demand, in the feeder of all models of street lighting Eulux.

The OpDar2® allows additional energy savings of armor led at night when it is not necessary the same illuminating power of the evening but still maintain the same uniformity of illumination.

The OpDar2® is pre-set at the factory, at the request of the customer, on the level of dimmer (in the example in figure 50% of the initial flow). Is pre-set to the number of hours after which the dimmer is activated (in the example of Figure 5.5 hours) Once pre-set OpDar2® can no longer be modified by the customer.

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