OpCE1 (emergency kit for LED lamps)

OpCE1 (emergency kit for LED lamps)

The OpCE1® is a new electronic device aimed to the emergency lighting.

The OpCE1® is a kit for the Emergency Lighting Power custom designed products to the LED lamps Eulux.

With OpCE1® is possible to give the lighting continuity even in case of black out while maintaining a luminous flux from 30% to 80% compared to the nominal value.

The OpCE1® be integrated, on demand, in all lighting products led Eulux.

OpCE1® and ‘consists of:

  1. The box in which are enclosed all the batteries and the control electronics.
  2. A cable for the emergency line.
  3. One pair of wires (red and black) to be connected to the respective wires of the lighting apparatus;
  4. An ON/OFF switch that activates the emergency group.


  • Power supply voltage: 230 / 240V;
  • Charging time: 24 h.