LED Street Lighting “INDIRA_SOS”

LED Street Lighting “INDIRA_SOS”

L ‘INDIRA_SOS is the street lighting in more performant suspension on the market. It uses a combination of optical and LED of high efficiency to dispense the ratio lm/watt higher on the market.

L’INDIRA_SOS is designed to decorate city streets with a minimalist Estica but really fascinating.

Technical specifications

Structure Die-cast aluminum structure with low copper content
Power 110-270 Vac, efficiency 94%, PFC>0,95, IP66 (also with voltage 12-24Vdc)
Color temp 5000°K (choice of:  3000°, 4000°K)
Class II + T or class I
Painting Epoxy poweder finish resistant to UV rays et atmospheric agents.
Assembly Suspended on ropes of max diameter 8 mm.
Optical Group Wide choice. Complies with all laws and regulations existing in the field of light pollution.
Efficiency LEDs 166lm/watt
Reference standards EN 60598-1, EN 62471, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 6100-3-3, UNI EN 10819, UNI11248, EN13201
Directives 2011/65/CE, 2006/95/CE, 204/108/CE

Colors structure

Photometric now available


Power consumption 30 Watt
Replaces SAP 100 and JM100
Luminous flux on the LED 4980 lm
Number of LED* 12
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=17; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 60 Watt
Replaces SAP150 and JM250
Luminous flux on the LED 9960 lm
Number of LED* 24
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=30; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 90 Watt
Replaces SAP250
Luminous flux on the LED 14940lm
Number of LED* 36
Weight** 6,4 kg
Dimensions S=34; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 120 Watt
Replaces JM400
Luminous flux on the LED 19920 lm
Number of LED* 48
Weight** 6,5 kg
Dimensions S=45; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 180 Watt
Replaces JM600
Luminous flux on the LED 29880 lm
Number of LED* 72
Weight** 10,15 kg
Dimensions S=60; L=34; H=7,5;

* This value may be subject to change without notice, so please ask for confirmation when ordering.

** +/- 5%.


OpDARF1: Dimmering autonomo senza possibilità di settaggio;

OpDAR2: Dimmering autonomo con impostazione dell’ora di attivazione;

OpINLUX: Predisposizione per regolatore di flusso e/o telecontrollo PITECO;

OpRAYBOX: Scaricatore di sovratensione 20KA montato nell’armatura;