LED Street Lighting “INDIRA”

LED Street Lighting “INDIRA”

The street lighting to LED INDIRA are designed and built with special attention to energy efficiency, reliability and uncompromising to the distribution of the perfect light. The INDIRA uses a special optical assembly that determines lighting performance among the highest on the market. The driver used is completely produced in Italy and has an efficiency greater than 93%. Furthermore, the INDIRA is characterized by an operating temperature below 50 ° C (with external temperatures below 25 °).
All these features put the INDIRA top class of street lighting to LEDs on the market.

It is also the only product for public lighting that can have a capacity of about 300watt LED.

Technical specifications

Structure Die-cast aluminum structure with low copper content
Power 110-270 Vac, efficiency 94%, PFC>0,95, IP66 (also with voltage 12-24Vdc)
Color temp 5000°K (choice of:  3000°, 4000°K)
Class II + T or class I
Painting Epoxy poweder finish resistant to UV rays et atmospheric agents.
Assembly Side and top pole mounting with adjustable tilt of + /- 15°, + /- 10° and  + /- 5°. For poles of max. 62 mm diameter.
Optical Group Wide choice. Complies with all laws and regulations existing in the field of light pollution.
Efficiency LEDs 166lm/watt
Reference standards EN 60598-1, EN 62471, EN 55015, EN 61547, EN 61000-3-2, EN 6100-3-3, UNI EN 10819, UNI11248, EN13201
Directives 2011/65/CE, 2006/95/CE, 204/108/CE

Colors structure

Photometric now available


Power consumption 30 Watt
Replaces SAP 70 and JM70
Luminous flux on the LED 4980 lm
Number of LED* 12
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=15; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 60 Watt
Replaces SAP150 and JM250
Luminous flux on the LED 9960 lm
Number of LED* 24
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=30; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 90 Watt
Replaces SAP250
Luminous flux on the LED 14940lm
Number of LED* 24
Weight** 6,4 kg
Dimensions S=30; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 120 Watt
Replaces JM400
Luminous flux on the LED 19920 lm
Number of LED* 36
Weight** 6,5 kg
Dimensions S=45; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 180 Watt
Replaces JM600
Luminous flux on the LED 29880 lm
Number of LED* 36
Weight** 10,15 kg
Dimensions S=60; L=34; H=7,5;


Power consumption 300 Watt
Replaces JM1000
Luminous flux on the LED 49800 lm
Number of LED* 72
Weight** 13,8 kg
Dimensions S=90; L=34; H=7,5;

* This value may be subject to change without notice, so please ask for confirmation when ordering.

** +/- 5%.


OpDARF1: Dimmering autonomo senza possibilità di settaggio;

OpDAR2: Dimmering autonomo con impostazione dell’ora di attivazione;

OpINLUX: Predisposizione per regolatore di flusso e/o telecontrollo PITECO;

OpRAYBOX: Scaricatore di sovratensione 20KA montato nell’armatura;