LED projector “DRACOIL”

LED projector “DRACOIL”

The DRACOIL are designed specifically for applications built as service stations and sheds to offer optimized performance with minimum power consumption and cost of installation.

The overall efficiency of the product, among the highest on the market, allows to obtain savings of over 80%.

Good lighting does not just illuminate but also has the power to attract motorists in a more secure and comfortable.

Reference standards

  • 2011/65/CE
  • 2006/95/CE
  • 2004/108/CE
  • EN 60598-1
  • EN 62471
  • EN 55015
  • EN 61547
  • EN 61000-3-2
  • EN 61000-3-3

Structure available colors

Photometrics now available


MODEL N (Assembly with rivet)

MODEL M (Assembly with spring)

Dracoil 30

Power consumption 30 Watt
Replaces SAP 70 and JM70
Luminous intensity on the LED 4980 lm
Number of LEDs* 12
Weight** 2,8 kg
Dimensions S=20; L=24,5; H=6,5;

Dracoil 60

Power consumption 60 Watt
Replaces SAP150 and JM250
Luminous intensity on the LED 9960 lm
Number of LEDs* 24
Weight** 3,0 kg
Dimensions S=40; L=24,5; H=6,5;

Dracoil 90

Power consumption 90 Watt
Replaces SAP250
Luminous intensity on the LED 14940lm
Number of LEDs* 36
Weight** 4,8 kg
Dimensions S=60; L=24,5; H=6,5;

Dracoil 120

Power consumption 120 Watt
Replaces JM400
Luminous intensity on the LED 19920 lm
Number of LEDs* 48
Weight** 5,6 kg
Dimensions S=80; L=24,5; H=6,5;

* This value may be subject to change without notice, so please ask for confirmation when ordering.

** +/- 5%.

OpLUCO: Sistema elettronico di controllo per autoregolazione dell’illuminazione a LED;

OpCE1: Kit d’emergenza per lampade a LED;

OpINLUX: Predisposizione per regolatore di flusso e/o telecontrollo PITECO;

OpRAYBOX: Scaricatore di sovratensione 20KA montato nell’armatura;