LED projector “DRACO”

LED projector “DRACO”

The projectors DRACO use the LED technology with very high luminous efficiency to generate the luminous flux most performing on the market. The strengths of these projectors are more brightness and brilliance with lower consumption, seven models available for all needs, powers up to 600watt (unique on the market) and three type of optics.

DRACO projectors are ideal for skilful lighting architectures and areas to achieve maximum performance with high aesthetic quality.

We are the first in the world to have an industrial 600 Watt LED projector with about 100.000lm.

Technical Specifications

Structure: Realized in aluminum with low copper content;

Power: 110-270Vac, efficiency 94%, PFC>0,95, IP65 CLASS I and II+T;

Color Temperature: 5000°K (choice of 3000°, 4000° K);

Coating: epoxy powders, standard Anthracite RAL7014 (optionally available other RAL) Resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents;

Mounting: The projector has an elegant and effective mounting system INOX316L steel bracket that allows continuos adjustment of vertical aiming;

Optics: optics 25° (A) or 60° (B) or 96° (C);

LED efficiency: 166 lm/watt guaranteed minimum at 85°;

Glass: Screen polycarbonate 10-year warranty against yellowing, IK08;

Reference standards

  • 2011/65/CE
  • 2006/95/CE
  • 2004/108/CE
  • EN 60598-1
  • EN 62471
  • EN 55015
  • EN 61547
  • EN 61000-3-2
  • EN 61000-3-3

Photometrics now available

Structure available colors

Basic color: Anthracite gray (RAL 7016).

Swivel bracket 360°

Draco 30

Power consumption 30 Watt
Replaces SAP 70 and JM70
Luminous intensity on the LED 4980 lm
Number of LEDs* 12
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=20; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 60

Power consumption 60 Watt
Replaces SAP150 and JM250
Luminous intensity on the LED 9960 lm
Number of LEDs* 24
Weight** 4,4 kg
Dimensions S=30; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 90

Power consumption 90 Watt
Replaces SAP250
Luminous intensity on the LED 14940lm
Number of LEDs* 36
Weight** 6,4 kg
Dimensions S=45; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 120

Power consumption 120 Watt
Replaces JM400
Luminous intensity on the LED 19920 lm
Number of LEDs* 48
Weight** 6,5 kg
Dimensions S=45; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 180

Power consumption 180 Watt
Replaces JM600
Luminous intensity on the LED 29880 lm
Number of LEDs* 72
Weight** 10,15 kg
Dimensions S=60; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 300

Power consumption 300 Watt
Replaces JM1000
Luminous intensity on the LED 49800 lm
Number of LEDs* 96
Weight** 13,8 kg
Dimensions S=90; L=34; H=7,5;

Draco 600

Power consumption 600 Watt
Replaces JM2000
Luminous intensity on the LED 99600 lm
Number of LEDs* 192
Weight** 27,6 kg
Dimensions S=90; L=68; H=7,5;

* This value may be subject to change without notice, so please ask for confirmation when ordering.

** +/- 5%.


OpLUCO: Sistema elettronico di controllo per autoregolazione dell’illuminazione a LED;

OpCE1: Kit d’emergenza per lampade a LED;

OpINLUX: Predisposizione per regolatore di flusso e/o telecontrollo PITECO;

OpRAYBOX: Scaricatore di sovratensione 20KA montato nell’armatura;

OpGRID: Griglia di protezione;


Disponibile opzione “Draco-TC” conforme alla norma per galleria UNI 11095-2011;