“ECO-LAMP” LED Votive Lamps

“ECO-LAMP” LED Votive Lamps

The LG® and Lumir® LED votive lamps are completely manufactured in Italy and are differentiated from the others by the high visibility under the sun.

By industry experts it has been defined the product with the best quality/price ratio.

Main advantaged

  • High luminous efficiency (up to 7 LEDs).
  • Low power consumption.
  • No maintenance costs.
  • Estimated average lifetime longer than 12 years.
  • High contrast with sunlight.
  • System of installation with E14.
  • Light diffusion at 360 °.
  • The investment will pay off in 5 to 6 months
  • High impact resistance.
  • Insensitive to voltage fluctuations.
  • Aesthetically identical to incandescence.


The LG are the only lamps that simulate perfectly the incandescent lamps with a light diffusion at 360°.

Incandescent lamps vs LG lamps
Incandescent LG
Power 3 W  0,25W
Annual consumption 26,28 Kwh  2,19Kwh
Savings 93%
Reference Standards
[symbols ids=”CE,ISOL-2,IP66,ROHS”] EN 50082-1 Electromagnetic Compatibility.EN 55015 Continuous Conducted Emissions.

EN 61000 3/2 Harmonic Current Emissions.

EC 825-1 Safety Standards for the use of LEDs with high
luminous output.

Technical Sheets Series LG
Type Luminosity Power Volt Color
LG_W_12 60cd 0,125 Watt 12Vac Warm White
LG_W_24 60cd 0,25 Watt 24Vac Warm White
LG_W_48 60cd 0,5 Watt 48Vac Warm White
LG_Y_12 50cd 0,125 Watt 12Vac Amber/Yellow
LG_Y_24 50cd 0,25 Watt 24Vac Amber/Yellow
LG_Y_48 50cd 0,5 Watt 48Vac Amber/Yellow
Photometric Wavelength


Technical Sheets Series Lumir
Type Luminosity Power Max voltage Number of LED’s
LUMIR24 105cd 0,3 Watt 24Vac 7
LUMIR24_H 105cd 0,09 Watt 24Vac 7


Available in Yellow, Amber, Red, Warm White and Cool White.