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Dimmer for LED (Op_RILEV)

Dimmer for LED (Op_RILEV)

The Op_RILEV is a presence detector with a detection range of 120º and with a detection distance of up to about 7-10 meters.

This device can capture invisible infrared emissions from any source of heat without emitting any radiation. The detector activates the output of the circuit when a heat source moves in front of the switch and shuts off once it is stopped to pick up the motion after an adjustable delay time. It is
extremely useful to drive the ignition or automatic shutdown of our LED products. You can adjust the
delay time between 5 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min and 8 min to better suit your needs.


IP 20
Light beam 120°
Temperature -20°C +40°C
Detection distance 12 mt
Dimensions 56x34x25 with diameter of 15mm


IP 20
Light beam 360°
Temperature -20°C +40°C
Detection distance 6 mt
Dimensions Diameter of 115x30mm
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