‘’ASTRO’’ Starry Sky

‘’ASTRO’’ Starry Sky

Astro Starry Sky is a vast modular kit and full LED system that becomes a refined and appreciated piece of furniture.  The Astro, based on LED technology, is composed of several series of LEDs, connectable between themselves to a LED driver.

The high luminous output and long life (100,000 hours) of the LEDs make Astro a unique concept, to get an extremely bright and totally maintenance-free starry sky.  In addition, the Astro allows you to create backgrounds lights for particular environments and atmospheres suitable for stores, classrooms, game rooms, hotels, casinos, cinemas, halls, pensions and so on.

  • Very high lifetime (over 15 years);
  • Quick and easy installation (Plug & Play);
  • Excellent finishing details (without the inconvenience and difficulties of optical fibers);
  • Possibility to customize the application;
  • Very low energy consumption;
  • Freedom to create free and imaginative geometries;
  • Extremely bright spots of light available in different colors.
  • Absence of heat and / or noise;

Kit disponibili

Codice Potenza Punti Luce
ASTRO70 4 Watt 70
ASTRO140 8 Watt 140
ASTRO280 16Watt 280
ASTRO560 32Watt 560
ASTRO1120 64Watt 1120

Oppure una soluzione personalizzabile.

Colori Disponibili

Rosso Giallo Verde Blu Rosa Bianco caldo e Bianco freddo

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